Monument vs. H2O

1 min readFeb 4, 2021
Monument offers useful predictions with no-code at all!

H2O can get you to a similar end, though it is a much different tool — more similar to Scikit-learn, SparkML, or packages of choice from Github.

Monument is strictly no-code and everything is “batteries included” — a much lower hurdle for enterprise-grade analysis than firing up a code development environment. We enable automatic model selection with our Autopilot feature, and also have AutoML.

Ideal use cases for Monument are:

1. One-off analyses with quick turnaround, and
2. Rapid enterprise-deployment, basically anywhere between original data and BI/reporting.

Overall, H2O is oriented toward people who expect to write and maintain code, as in the chart below.

Many enterprises find that is “the high-interest credit card of technical debt” — the code is incredibly expensive to create and maintain, particularly alongside infrastructure. It generally leads to expensive HR and infrastructure commitments and maintenance.

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