Monument Announces Binance Integration & New Algorithms To Support Cryptocurrency Traders

NEW YORK, NY. — Monument announces the introduction of three new algorithms and an integration with Binance’s API for cryptocurrency prices. These additions enable cryptocurrency traders to build their own trading algorithms with greater ease than ever before.

Previously, cryptocurrency traders without data science expertise faced two roadblocks when trying to find and use investment signals: organizing historical data and applying complex algorithmic methods. As a result, the majority of the cryptocurrency trading community relied on simple data and widely-available signals.

Monument changes the status quo. The platform’s new features allow any user to easily pull data from Binance and apply a suite of industry-leading algorithms in a simple drag-and-drop interface. An early user reports, “Being able to construct my own trading bots to find hidden trading signals has freed me from reliance on buying out-of-the-box trading bots.”

The new industry-leading algorithms include entropy-boosting (“Ent-Boost”), Gaussian boosting (“G-Boost”), and multi-layer (“deep”) long short term memory (“mLSTM”) neural networks. Gaussian boosting is gradient boosting across Gaussian process representations of out-of-sample data. Entropy-boosting is gradient boosting across multiple representations of out-of-sample data, including Gaussian processes and entropy features. Multi-layer LSTMs are an extension to the standard LSTM model with multiple hidden LSTM layers, where each layer contains multiple memory cells and hidden states from each layer are fed into the next layer as input. These new algorithms enhance the existing suite of algorithms, which included auto-regression, dynamic linear models, gradient boosted trees, time-varying auto-regression, and single-layer LSTMs.

These cryptocurrency forecasting capabilities continue to be able to run entirely locally on any off-the-shelf laptop. Local computation provides unprecedented security and peace of mind that other traders cannot front-run a users’ trades. It also saves users from having to make costly hardware upgrades or cloud investments.

Interested in learning more about Monument? Book a free introductory Zoom call here.



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